Edinburgh │ 26 May 2017

Repeated scenes of cloud cover, of altostratus broken up by riotous updrafts, of cumulus fractus straggling like the starving animals of a migration.



Edinburgh │ 25 May 2017

The visitations of the heatwave, like some oddity from outer space, makes us forget the quintessence of localised weather trends.

It substitutes extreme nebulosity of the north for a phantom version of events – namely, the collectivity of heat and light and the candour of the moment extended as if by the staying hand of a cosmic arbiter.

We dream of the imposition of southern weatherspheres upon the stations of the north.

And, when they happen, celebrate them with an exaggerated sense of what they mean.

Edinburgh │ 24 May 2017

The air that comes in waves of warmth, like a festival of declarations, marking:

“I bring with me a sense of time detached from the mechanisms of time, of time stretched to points of breaking of the elastic moment.

I bring magics in the translucence of the great magnitude, to make it seem like a dream within a a construct of reality – a reality that no longer exists as a permanent condition.

I bring enigmatic charters of energetic renewal in the abundance of light that cascades from the sun with incredible saps of cosmic rays.”

In total, this is the unexpected relevance of the higher echelons of temperature. To make us feel like kings for a day, in blessed realms where the fruits forever ripen.

Edinburgh │ 22 May 2017

If colours could be drones – of grey intonations.

The evacuation of spaces under the cross-examination of altostratus, altocumulus and mixed varieties of the cumulus repertoire.

Eventide, dark peturbations of stratocumulus, fractions of rogues and the rain-foragers of the totemic minions of the wetclouds.

The deepening of sunset, the magnificent glow of crepuscular colour schemes that disappear in the moment of their formation.

Glenshee, Glen Callater │ 21 May 2017

Glen Callater is awash with random acts of wilderness.

Wind and rain blast constantly from east to west, lathering the skin with freezing lotions of wetness combined with the manifestations of flagrant hostility.

The prophesised sunshine has been prevented by the uncertainties of mountain weather.

Its brutality can only be experienced during periods of exposure to its full force, such as today.

Headlong into the mathematical formulae of energy blocks, we are reminded of how easy it is to die in such places.

We are pilgrims on the trail of destabilising influences, where no gods dare to perform their rites – only Nature, in its rawest degree of stark indifference, enacts its pageantry for organisms to enjoy or suffer.

Black grouse take to the air with panicky flapping of stunted wings. The chuckling double meanings of their outcry is intended for us, shaming us for our lack of insulation against unscruplous temperatures.

It is meant to be Springtime on its way to becoming Summer.

Tail ends of ragged stratus run over the Cairngorm summits.

The sky splits open in seams of colour that quickly vanishes.

Tempestuous burdens of the troposphere.

An existential happenstance that time and space has conjured out of nothing with an aim to being aimlessly volatile.

Edinburgh │ 20 May 2017

Rain – rain – the stratus veil is perforated.

Moderate rain, moderately wet, moderately dull, moderately continuous.

The sky is the colour of invisibility.

Later in the day, when the fullness of the wetness gradually departs, we undergo a transformation of weatherforms.

What happens next is miraculous – and perfectly normal.

Cumulus variations of all shapes and sizes – amorphous retainments of all shades, multiple washes of brightness on the undersides of giant marvels.

The perfected formation of bulbous compilations – standard cumulus that overdrives the conditions of characteristic form.

It is all here before me.

Destroying the moderate generalisations of the day with one detail after another.